Company History

AFG founded in 2014 is a Limited company with extensive business interests in Cambodia and South East Asia. The legally registered name for our company under Cambodian law is ADVANCED F & G CO., LTD.

Company Operations

AFG main business is distribution, installation, and maintenance of Internationally recognized technology brands. AFG focused, at the beginning, on perimetric fencing, but has now enlarged its scope to environmental solutions and equipment specially on water sector.

AFG is also a local partner for international companies able to provide turn key projects in water,  solar energy and garbage management.

Mission statement

The mission of AFG is to provide an optimized solution to our client, taking into account not only the investment but also the cost of operation and maintenance to offer the best solution at the best global cost. To achieve this strong commitment AFG has done a very accurate selection of partner based on their reliability, high quality, innovative solutions and affordable costs.
All partners of AFG are European or worldwide leaders on their market and their brands are well known worldwide.


AFG values are:

  • Sustainability: AFG supports clients and partners with reliable products and solutions with a long-term vision.
  • Respect: AFG considers clients and suppliers as partners with the most transparent practice.
  • Quality: AFG provides only quality products to its clients and is confident about the quality level delivered by assuming it through maintenance contracts.
  • Regulations compliance : AFG supplys only equipment and solutions which are compliant with  Cambodian regulations but also compliant with international regulations as UE or WHO>
  • Competence : AFG is focusing only on sectors where its people and partners have experiences and well-honed value added engineering skills.